Welcome to the Kairos Elections Page

This page is a composite of the resources that are available from www.mykairos.org and www.kairosmessenger.org to help the Advisory Council and State Chapter Committee manage the election process each Fall in KairosMessenger.

Advisory Council Elections

Advisory Council Election Resources

  • Suggestion: It is helpful to ensure that the previous Weekend Leader completes the finishing steps in Ezra as this will update your active volunteer records.
  • Video: Advisory Council Election Process (9:16) – a detailed review of the ministry practice for conducting the Advisory Council elections based on the Advisory Council Operating Procedures (ACOP). It includes a brief overview of how Ezra and KairosMessenger are used as integral parts of the process.
  • Video: Recording Advisory Council Elections (9:17) – a detailed tutorial on the Kairos elections and recording them into KairosMessenger. This includes the Advisory Council member 3 year term election and the one year term position election. The tutorial includes information for maintaining the election information for mid-term changes.
  • PDF: Advisory Council Operating Procedures (ACOP) – (26 pgs) this is the governing document of the Kairos Advisory Council.
  • PDF: Advisory Council Elections (5 pgs) – a step by step guide to entering the elections into KairosMessenger.
  • PDF: Advisory Council Election Emailings (Nominations) (6 pgs) – a detailed guide using KairosMessenger to manage the nomination process for the Membership election.
State Chapter Committee Elections

State Chapter Committee Election Resources

KairosMessenger Volunteer Records

KairosMessenger Volunteer Record Maintenance Resources

  • Video: Volunteer List and Update (7:52) – a detailed tutorial for maintaining the multiple screens of the Volunteer records in KairosMessenger. Includes, deceased status, do not contact and Weekend History. It also explains how to print the different status lists.
  • Video: Volunteer Directory (3:48) – instructions on creating a detailed Advisory Council volunteer report of the Advisory Council members based defined selections.
  • PDF: Volunteer Database Guide (6 pgs) – a guide that explains all of the screens that comprise the volunteer record.
  • PDF: Volunteer Directory Guide (3 pgs) – a guide that explains the various options when creating a report of Volunteers with their Weekend history.

For further assistance please contact , Andy Perry.