South Africa


Country Chairperson:
Country Vice Chairperson:
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Country IC Rep:


Free State:

Groenpunt Men, Deneysville, South Africa,
Kroonstad Women, Kroonstad, South Africa,

Gauteng North:

Baviaanspoort Men, Pretoria, South Africa,
Kairos Outside Gauteng North, Kleksdorp,
ODI Men, Pretoria, South Africa,
Pretoria Women, Pretoria, South Africa,

Gauteng South:

Kairos Outside East Rand, Brakpan, South Africa,
Johannesburg Men, Johannesburg, South Africa,
Johannesburg Women, Johannesburg, South Africa,
Krugersdorp Men, Krugersdorp, South Africa,
Kairos Outside West Krugerdorp, Krugersdorp, South Africa,
Leeuwkop, Johannesburg, South Africa,
Modderbee, Springs, South Africa,


Kairos Outside KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa,
Servontein Kwa-Zulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa,
Qalakabusha - Empangeni, Empangeni, South Africa,
Westville Men, Durban, South Africa,
Westville Women, Durban, South Africa,

Northwest Province:

Rustenburg Men, Rustenburg, Sough Africa,
Kairos Outside Rustenburg, Rustenburg, Sough Africa,

Western Cape:

Brandvlei, Worcester, South Africa,
Drakenstein Men, Paarl, South Africa,
Drakenstein Torch, Paarl, South Africa,
Western Cape Kairos Outside, Malmesbury, South Africa,
Malmesbury Outside, Malmesbury, South Africa,
Obiqua Men; Western Cape, South Africa,

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