Distance for Deliverance Walkathon

October 7-16, 2022, Kairos Prison Ministry is holding the first annual Distance for Deliverance Walkathon to raise awareness and raise funds to support our ministry programs. All participants are encouraged to walk as many days as possible, which can be in your neighborhood, park, school, gym, or even your own treadmill. Select your state below and sign up to donate, participate individually, start a team, or join an already existing team. It is encouraged that every Advisory Council starts their own team and gets competitive with the others in the state. please visit www.distancefordeliverance.org to find tools, videos, fundraising campaigns to register with, and outreach materials to help make your experience a huge success!

Live Stream Replays of the Annual Conference General Sessions

Join us in celebration during the 2022 Kairos Annual Conference on YouTube as special guest speakers tell their incredible stories about how God touched their lives through Kairos. There were songs, prayer, videos, skits, and surprises. Tune in and find out!

The Thursday General Session from July 28 can be viewed at as a replaywww.kairosprisonministry.org/ThursdayGeneralSession.php
The Friday General Session can be viewed as a replay at www.kairosprisonministry.org/FridayGeneralSession.php

If you weren't able to make the Kairos Annual Conference in person in Dallas, TX we would love to share some of what was experienced so you can also do More Than Survive...Thrive!

Until We Come Back Film Series

The Kairos video series "Until We Come Back" has been released. These videos are made for facilities housing men, women, and youth, to engage them by offering words of encouragement, hope, and blessings. Facilities that aren’t allowed to admit volunteers are requesting some way for Kairos to be inside, and this is one of those ways! Over 30 episodes have been released with more to come! View and download these videos at www.mykairos.org/until-we-come-back.html.

Conference Calls and Zoom Videos are Available from Kairos

Email conferencecall@mykairos.org to reserve a conference call line or a Zoom video.

Please include the following information in your request or it will not be accepted.
Type of call (conference call or Zoom video), Organizer’s Name, E-mail Address, State, Advisory Council Full Name, Date for the call, Time and Length of call (including your timezone), and the nature of the call.

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We deeply care about our Kairos Volunteers. Please let us know of any prayer requests you have and we will pray as a Kairos Family.

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PSA for Radio - Kairos General Overview (1:00) - Updated 2020

PSA for Radio - Kairos General Overview (1:00)

Overview of Kairos Prison Ministry

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