Kairos Ordering

EZRA Orders

EZRA is now downloadable!

To start the process please, click on the following link: www.kairosmessenger.org/ezraorderform

You will then be guided through the step by step process to order your EZRA. This process will end by allowing you to print a copy of your order and even will, at your option, take you to the EZRA support website. Once your order is submitted, the ministry approval process will take place with the goal of approving your order as soon as possible.

Once approved (can take up to a week) you will receive an email from ezraorder@kpmi.org with important information to download your EZRA.

EZRA DOWNLOAD directions can be printed here: Easy Steps for EZRA

Directions and Contact for Changing EZRA for Rescheduled Weekends

If you have any questions regarding your Ezra order please email ezraorder@kpmi.org

Supply Orders by Mail or E-Mail

Download the Supply Order Form :
•  Email your order to order@kpmi.org
•  Mail to: KPMI, 100 DeBary Plantation Blvd, DeBary, FL 32713

KairosDonor Orders by Mail or E-Mail

Download the KairosDonor Order Form  or  and:
•  Email your order to order@kpmi.org
•  Mail to: KPMI, 100 DeBary Plantation Blvd, DeBary, FL 32713

Official Kairos Apparel and Promotional Item Ordering

Kairos Threads - www.kairosthreads.com
Bob and Diane Crane have volunteered with Kairos Prison Ministry for over 10 years and since 2012 have produced quality, custom machine-embroidered Kairos, Kairos Outside, and Kairos Torch apparel and accessories.
New Thread Designs Etsy Shop
Longtime Kairos volunteer Scott Maycumber offers a variety of quality Kairos products in his Etsy store.

Kairos Pullup Banners, Table Runners, and Tabletop Displays

Kairos Banner Stands & Recruitment Items
Upgrade your Kairos Recruitment by visiting our online recruitment products store, with low prices and free shipping. Visit https://kairos.go.customprintcenter.com to order today.

Kairos Tabletop Display Panels
You can select the display panels you need to print and use on a trifold storyboard as a tabletop display representing Kairos. You can choose up to 9 panels, enabling you to customize the display to your audience. One panel allows you to add your local contact information.