Kairos Downloads

Videos/Presentations for Correctional Facilities

    Kairos Testimonies of Love
    Tommy Fisher - Kairos Changes Lives
    Finding God Behind Prison Walls
    Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women
    Building a Solid Foundation
    Encouragement Video for Inmates
    Kairos of Idaho Celebrates Easter
    Kairos Testimonies - Relationship with Jesus
    Kairos Testimonies - Abide in the Word
    Kairos Testimonies - Bearing Fruit
    Prayer of Jabez Video Series Available at Kairos Inside Downloads
    Reunion Video - Abide in Christ Part 1
    Reunion Video - Abide in Christ Part 2
    Reunion Video - Abide in Christ Part 3
    Reunion Video - Don't Feed the Beast
    Reunion Video - I Saw The Light
    Reunion Video - Kairos Inside Women
    Reunion Video - You Are Loved
    Reunion Video - Entry Singing
    Reunion Video - Kairos Reunion Opening
    Reunion Video - Song - I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
    Reunion Video - Song - I Fly Away
    Reunion Video - Kairos Free World Talk
    Reunion Video - Song - Blessing Before Lunch
    Reunion Video - Song - After Lunch
    Reunion Video - Kairos "Hello" Videos
    Reunion Video - Song - Saints Come Marching In
    Reunion Video - Closing Prayer Song

Kairos Overview

Kairos Vision, Mission, Core Values and Statement of Faith
    Board of Directors Letter for Kairos Vision, Mission, Core Values and Statement of Faith

Excellence Initiative (EI)

    Excellence Initiative Procedural Flow (Who Does What and When)

    Kairos Inside EI Interview Questions
    Kairos Outside EI Interview Questions
    Kairos Torch EI Interview Questions

    Kairos Excellence Initiative Instructions
    Kairos Excellence Initiative State Reviewer Role
    Weekend Leader Nomination Form

Communications Tools

      Chaplain Testimony Letter  
      Kairos and Christian Chaplains Brochure
      Kairos Communications Guide
      Kairos Style Guide
      Website Style Guide
      Kairos Acronyms
      Kairos Master PowerPoint Template
      Statement of Faith
      Kairos Note Card (Kairos Inside) 
      Kairos Note Card (Kairos Outside) 
      Kairos Note Card (A2 Invitation Envelope) 
      Better Together Flyer
      Flyer - General 1 Page Flyer
      Flyer - Volunteer 2-Sided Flyer
Note: If using the .docx version you MUST personalize it to add you Advisory Council or State contact information.
      General Kairos Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)
      Kairos Inside Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)
      Kairos Outside Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)
      Kairos Torch Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)
      Spanish Kairos Inside Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)
      Spanish Kairos Outside Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)
      Spanish Kairos Torch Brochure (PDF Version) or (.docx File)

Topics Briefs

      Why Kairos Volunteers Shouldn't Advocate
      Use of Legal Music in Kairos Programs


      Procedure and Guidelines for Scheduling an Advisory Council Training
      Online AKT Registration Form
      AKT Attendee Spreadsheet for AKT Coordinators
      AKT Coordinator's Guide
      Visit www.kairosdonorsupport.com for online training.
      Visit www.kairosezra.com for online training.
      Christian Chaplains & Coaching - become an ordained chaplain


To enable all features, please be sure to download the forms to your computer and then open.

      Financial Policies and Practices  
            FPP Job Descriptions  
            Budget Worksheets 
            Budget Template for Advisory Councils 
            Cash Advance Clearing Worksheet  
Cash Disbursement Voucher 
            Chart of Accounts Glossary  
            Check Request Form  
            Property Loan Agreement 
            Request for Cash Advance  
            Request to Open or Make Changes to a Bank Account  
            Receipt Log 

Board Election Information

      Board of Directors Qualifications, Expectations and Responsibilities
      Board of Directors Election Procedures


      Kairos Bylaws
      Template for Board or IC Motions 
      Process for Kairos Documents

Strategic Planning

      Kairos Strategic Plan 2024 to 2028

Additional Weekend Material

Please DO NOT use any versions of this song with the copyrighted Rogers and Hammerstein's Edelweiss melody.
      Blessing Before Meals (2000 version)
      Blessing After Meals (2000 version)

Note: Kairos Prison Ministry International has permission from Emmaus to use the two blessing songs below. Please use the melody and words as provided. Do not substitute with another melody for these two songs.
      Blessing Before Meals (Emmaus version) - English and Spanish Lyrics
      Blessing After Meals (Emmaus version) - English and Spanish Lyrics

New Starts

      Start-up Kit for a New Kairos Community
      Annual Affiliation Agreement
      Annual Affiliation Agreement - with Electronic Signature
      KairosDonor for A New Advisory Council


      Ministry Structure 
      Retractable Pullup Banners and Table Runner - Images, Prices, & URL
      Resource List - Non-Kairos
      Walk the Talk Poster
      Upper Room Walk to Emmaus Memorandum of Understanding
      Merchandising Agreement
      Agape Coordinator's Master Contact List (e-mail to receive the list) Note: This list is only provided to confirmed Agape Coordinators.

Kairos Board of Directors - Minutes of Meetings

For a copy of specific board minutes please contact the Kairos International Office at 1-407-629-4948 with date of minutes needed and why they are needed.