Kairos Torch Downloads


          Kairos Torch Institutional Memorandum of Understanding
          Approved Torch Volunteers
          Torch Clearance Packet (Policy and Application)
          Torch Clergy Questionnaire
          Mentor Job Description
          Mentoring Relationships Planning Sheet   
          Names and Their Meanings
          Kairos Torch Brochure
          Spanish Kairos Torch Brochure
          Kairos Torch Graduation Certificate    
          Using the Kairos Bible and Discussion Guide to Enhance Kairos Torch

Kairos Torch Activities

          Kairos Torch Bingo Cards

Training Tools

          Blessings Before Meals
          Blessings After Meals
          Kairos Torch Weekend Riverbanks
          Introduction to the Kairos Riverbanks & Ministry Foundations
          The Father Fracture
          PREA for Youth
          Riverbanks Common Ground
          Riverbanks Spiritual Focus
          Riverbanks on Youth Facilities
          Why Kairos Volunteers Shouldn't Advocate
          Use of Legal Music in Kairos Programs

EZRA Tutorials (for Weekend Leaders)

          How to Use EZRA Tutorials

Kairos Outside Tools for Kairos Torch Closings

          Kairos Outside Documents for Kairos Torch Closings
          How to Get a Guest to Kairos Outside - Life of a Guest Reservation Form

How Kairos is Better Together Videos

          What is Better Together? (With Testimony)
          Better Together - Understanding How Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside
               and Kairos Torch Work Together