Website Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you make documents easier to find?
Answer: Yes, we could put the document you specifically asked for on the Home Page and then others would wonder why the documents they were looking for are not on the Home page and then eventually, everything is on one page, and I am sure you can see how that degenerates into a nightmare. Someone I respect highly once told me that when everything becomes important, nothing is important. It is a fine line we walk trying to determine what is the most important menu items to display without display everything as a top level menu item. Might I suggest a quick look into how documents were organized? First if it is a paper document that volunteers are expected to download, then start under Downloads. Then look for the various area of the ministry that the document pertains to. If it is the Kairos Inside Excellence Initiative, then look under Kairos Inside. If it pertains to Advisory Councils, you guessed it, look under Advisory Counsils. Because Google is so effective at searching a site, we included it for the very reason you used it for. The Excellence Initiatives are separated into each of the Program sections and combined under the KPMI section. Not everything is in multiple places, but in this case we decided to in order to help people find them.

Question: I would like the letters to be bigger, can you change the text size on the website?
Answer: We have made the text the best size for the most people to comfrotably view. Fortunately your internet browser or phone has a feature where YOU can adjust the text size of OUR website and it doesn't affect how others see it. It is a pretty handy feature for changing the font size. Note that it will not change the size of the text within pictures.

Question: Are Prayer Vigils supported on the website?
Answer: currently is the preferred link for managing prayer vigils; however, the previous information on agape and prayer request will be included with the weekend information on the combined Kairos Kalendar.

Question: Where do you list current happenings around the Kairos world?
Answer: We will have at least 3 venues for that, The Newsroom where we will post press release type documents, we will highlight certain key pieces of information on the Home Page to give users a reason to keep coming back and the new Kairos Kalendar.

Question: Where is the Paul Gray video?
Answer: In the Newsroom under videos.

Question: What is a quick way to find a chapter near me?
Answer: Visit the Ministry Map page.

Question: Hhow often should we come back to get another Kairos E-Newsletter?
Answer: We hope you check back REGULARLY. Each edition of God's Special Time is sent out monthly on the first of the month. The advantage of coming back regularly is the rotating images (or Kairos Ads) on the Home page. We'll use them to advertise #1 Weekends, the latest edition to the website, etc. Being a regular visitor will give you the most information.

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